Our vision is to experience and express God’s unconditional love. Our kingdom mission is to live like Jesus Christ by unconditionally loving all people, compassionately serving God’s world, openly discussing issues of faith, and intentionally inviting others to grow with us as followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Some basic values we hold:
  • The centrality of Christ as the supreme revelation of God to humanity. We acknowledge that God may reveal God’s self in other ways and through other religious traditions, but as Christians we believe that God’s full revelation came through Jesus Christ.
  • The importance of scripture for understanding and experiencing God’s redemptive purpose in the world. We do not worship the Bible and believe that the Bible must be understood and interpreted in light of the character of God, in particular the love and grace and goodness of God as it has been mediated through Jesus Christ.
  • The freedom of the individual to interpret scripture and discover God’s will and the freedom of the church to discern God’s mission without hierarchical influence. We uphold the freedom to disagree on matters of faith and practice with the utmost respect for each person and their unique perspective.
  • We are an inclusive fellowship committed to the equality of all the children of God, welcoming and affirming of all persons without regard to race, gender, class, or sexual orientation.